Carmel Teacher Training Partnership

A Trainee's Perspective On Our Initial Teacher Training Programme

Remote Teaching

"If you'd have said 'remote teaching' to me a year ago, I suspect an image would have come to mind of some 'remote' stereotypically stern Victorian schoolmaster! I would have found it amusing to imagine myself as a remote teacher... Continue Reading →

Teaching in a National Lockdown: Christmas Edition

The best way I can describe entering my second term of teacher training is like the transition from Year 7 to Year 8; you’re still not quite up to speed with the older kids, but you walk into the school... Continue Reading →

I have tried to make lessons where possible include some aspect of Christmas just to add that extra bit of magic…

I can’t quite put my finger on whether this Autumn term has flown by or whether it has felt like an eternity (the second feeling is probably due to the exhaustion kicking in). Either way, WOW, what a term it... Continue Reading →

Light. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? It can be perceived in many ways.

During my teacher training I have had tunnel vision. ‘Stay focused’ I’d tellmyself, trying my hardest not to let Netflix trap me in the hole that is bingeworthy TV. This half term has been that of books, sweat and tears.... Continue Reading →

‘Labour of Love’

With my wife's second child due in a few weeks, I suppose it's only natural for me to compare teacher training with childbirth. Naturally, I've never experienced the latter, so maybe the comparison is a little melodramatic. But both are... Continue Reading →

“2020 was the year of lockdown graduations, a global pandemic and the start of my teacher training programme with CTTP. “

2020 was the year of lockdown graduations, a global pandemic and the start of my teacher training programme with CTTP. Training to teach during such challenging and uncertain times may seem to some like making an already difficult task even... Continue Reading →

“I was blissfully unaware of the meltdown that was about to occur when Jeff the caterpillar was found squashed.”

This summer was a strange one to say the least. The lead up to teacher training, I had so many holidays and adventures planned; covid had other ideas. Whilst it wasn’t quite as expected, summer gave me the chance to... Continue Reading →

‘Let’s See What The Day Brings!’

My first official day teacher training was interesting. I had already met up with my subject (History) department at my main school placement, so felt prepared. I don't have a car at the moment, so I was reliant on a... Continue Reading →

” I woke up that morning feeling like my 11-year-old self on the first day of big school.”

The great English summer in the middle of a global pandemic. Those are words I never thought I would write. Summer was spent waving at family through windows, baking cakes and leaving them on doorsteps, and playing the 64th quiz... Continue Reading →

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