Carmel Teacher Training Partnership

A Trainee's Perspective On Our Initial Teacher Training Programme

“…Some say teaching is a skill much like riding a bike, that for one is true, and I am definitely enjoying the ride.”

As a swimmer, I could say that I am used to diving in at the deep end, but when we are talking about teaching it’s a completely different ball game. Teaching so far has proven to be a real challenge,... Continue Reading →


“…I feel like something has clicked and I can see how far I have come since September!”

Good Afternoon, I’m covered in glue after helping year 1 to weave Scottish kilts out of paper… but here is my blog for the half term. The past 6 weeks I have been in a different school for a short... Continue Reading →


Here I sit two weeks before the Christmas holidays, and I am reflecting on how quickly my first term has gone. Since returning from the October half term it has been all hands on deck, not just in regards to... Continue Reading →

I can’t quite believe it is already December and I am just over a week off completing my first full term…

I can’t quite believe it is already December and I am just over a week off completing my first full term! I have had a brilliant half term, although challenging at times. Last week was the school Christmas production themed... Continue Reading →

I know that it will soon become the most rewarding and exciting thing I will ever do…

Whenever I tell someone I am training to be a primary school teacher, they all have the same reaction – they awkwardly smile and say “Well…good look!” with an empathetic yet judgemental tone in their voice. Whilst training has so... Continue Reading →

September marked a new start for me in all walks of life…

Needless to say for me it has been a manic few weeks, after getting married at the beginning of September then starting this fantastic course three days later, I can honestly say I don’t do things by half. September marked... Continue Reading →

Teaching is easy, it’s like riding a bike….

Half-term is fast approaching and the weeks seem to be flying by. Despite loving (almost) every minute of teacher training so far, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a turbulent start (to say the least!). After an... Continue Reading →

…there’s a lot of reflection and tea involved in teacher training!

Hi! My name is Emma-Jo (Miss Blundy) and I am nearing the end of my first half term as a trainee primary school teacher. I felt rather unprepared on my first day as I had three days between completing my... Continue Reading →

…So, in preparation for next term, I will be trying out lots of Christmas bakes (I’ll call it revising!)

Wow it’s finally here, the end of Term 1 and even more excting, Christmas! I won’t lie, the workload has increased and I teach several classes now. I have three classes that I solely teach and I feel as if... Continue Reading →

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