I can’t quite put my finger on whether this Autumn term has flown by or whether it has felt like an eternity (the second feeling is probably due to the exhaustion kicking in). Either way, WOW, what a term it has been. 

I began the year – as you know from my previous blog – unprepared on how to deal with random issues such as squashed caterpillars. Now, I feel able to deal with (almost) anything! Pupils worried about Santa not being allowed to give out presents on Christmas eve? No problem, he’s having 2 weeks in isolation so he’s healthy and ready to deliver presents. Pupils concerned about their ‘elves’ possibly having germs? No problem, of course they don’t have germs they’ve all had test and have been remembering to use their hand sanitiser! I have learnt the key to resolving children’s curious questions is to use scenarios they can relate to and IMAGINATION. 

I wasn’t sure whether children would have the same ‘Christmassy’ experience as they normally do in school this year, but I was completely wrong. It has felt more ‘Christmassy’ than ever and it has been wonderful to see the pure joy and excitement in the children. I have tried to make lessons where possible include some aspect of Christmas just to add that extra bit of magic, I even managed to make a SPAG lesson ‘Christmassy’! 

It seems a shame for my time with my first ever class to come to an end as I have loved seeing their progress throughout the term and getting to know each of their individual personalities. However, I am looking forward to second school placement and getting a flavour of what it is like at another school being thrown into the deep end all over again. 

This course is helping myself and other trainee’s to have the best experiences and opportunities we possibly can in order for us to be the best teachers we can possibly be. I look forward to the rest of the course and I will be sure to share my experience of second school placement in my next blog! 

Emily Rowney- Primary Trainee- Carmel Teacher Training Partnership