During my teacher training I have had tunnel vision. ‘Stay focused’ I’d tell
myself, trying my hardest not to let Netflix trap me in the hole that is binge
worthy TV. This half term has been that of books, sweat and tears. But I
know that the light at the end of the tunnel (my PCGE just incase I lost you in
the metaphors) is going to be worth it.

As the Christmas tree was put up in school I had this overwhelming sense of
belonging. I never thought when starting on this road that the team I would
get to be a part of would be such stars in their own right. I had the privilege
of being a part of creating my schools nativity which is being recorded and
sent out to feeder schools and care homes. At no point when applying to be
a trainee at CTTP did I think I would be laying behind a bale of hay holding a
B&Q spot light thinking, ’this is will look great in my reflective journal’.

In the new year I will embark on a journey at my second school placement.
Anxious, nervous and excited are all the emotions that I am feeling about
this. Especially as the school I will be going to is where I studied myself
many years ago… a real full circle moment. I spend these final weeks writing
lessons that have sprinkles of Christmas in them because I know the pupils
have worked so hard through this term and deserve as much Christmas joy
as possible. After all it is the most wonderful time of the year.

So I’ll leave you with this. As I reflect on the year gone by and the year
coming ahead with a hot cup of coco. I light a candle to represent the light
that I have found within, whilst on this immense journey of being a trainee

Eve Conway- Music Trainee- Carmel Teacher Training Partnership