Can you mute your microphone please?… The phrase that I will not be sad to not hear anymore. Remote teaching as a trainee has made me appreciate the little things in the classroom so much more. Things like being able to see a child raise their hand instead of having to do the awkward silence while you wait for an answer in the chat box. Walking through the corridors in your fancy workwear instead of business on the top sleep on the bottom (we’ve all done it). Lockdown was testing for both the children and the teachers but the sheer strength and community shown throughout the whole time was formidable. When the going got tough the tough taught online and it is a skill that has made me adaptable, especially for those technical blunders (that happen often)!

Driving to my main placement on that first day back was a warming feeling. It was like going home after a long stint at uni, you know the feeling when your are scared they may have forgotten you but you also know that there will be a warm meal on the table. The only difference is the warm meal is unlimited cups of tea. It was full steam ahead as soon as I got back; lesson planning, enrichment ideas and even TEACHING IN REAL LIFE. I have to say, I was nervous to teach again in person but as soon as I got going I fell right into routine. It was so lovely to see pupils on the playground seeing their friends and having a sense of normality back. We must remember that these children are our future and what they are living through right now is not going to make them the lost generation it will make them the resilient generation.

Can you hear that tune? In the far distance there is a fanfare playing marking the end of my CTTP journey. I have begun my search for a job and I spend most of my time reading my supporting statement thinking, how have I achieved all of this in 7 months! It only seems like yesterday that I was hanging my suit out on the door and making those ham sandwiches…

Miss Eve Conway- Music Trainee Teacher