Easter already? How did that happen? Starting out in September it feels like the end of the course is forever away but, training to be a teacher really is a whirlwind. Whilst the workload is huge, it is entirely rewarding and before you know it you’ve completed one half term then another then another… 

Second school placement was a fabulous experience and I really gained my confidence as a teacher. The challenges of lockdown and school closure meant that I went through lots of emotions on a daily basis (google classroom and I have a mutual love/hate relationship) but here I am in my final placement, so I survived! 

I already knew I loved teaching but KS1 has made me fall in love with teaching even more. The imaginations of the children are out of this world and they are a joy to teach. Although, as well as amazing imaginations they are also very, very, VERY honest and to the point. I think lockdown must have aged me because the class seem to think I look 37 at the age of 22. The latest comment I received from a pupil was ‘I’m not writing that there is too many words’. I mean on one hand it was first thing on a morning at the end of the week so I could sort of empathise with his effort. We all feel like that by the end of the week don’t we? But on the other hand, I had to keep my teacher head firmly on and encouraged the child to write the really, really long sentence (5 words). I forgot to add, I was actually being observed in that lesson too, so it was excellent timing. 

I am so excited for the rest of this placement and to finish the course with such a wonderful class of children. I’m sure the comments will keep coming and I’ll have plenty of new things to talk about by the summer. 

Emily Rowney- Primary Trainee Teacher