Overall another successful term with its ups, downs and everything in-between. It’s
hard to believe that the next time I write this blog it will be near enough the end! I
feel this year has prepped me for anything and I mean ANYTHING. As an NQT I am
going to be resilient, courageous and brave (but maybe a little cautious too!)

I’m starting to feel like a ‘real’ teacher. Well… I feel like this at least 80% of the time
now. Don’t get me wrong this has probably been the hardest term so far; with
getting out of lockdown, face masks, no face masks its been quite the
rollercoaster. But everything is falling into place, relationships with pupils are getting
stronger meaning everyday brings a smile to my face.

The highlights of this term have been my songwriting club which unintentionally
turned into a Eurovision club, receiving a home made card from a Year 7 pupil
which simply read ‘you’re the best’ and finally getting an excellent in an
observation. These are just a few of the moments that made me smile over the
past seven weeks and in this job the good really does outweigh the bad!

Now to really put the icing on the cake for this tiring, overwhelming and testing
term… I GOT A JOB! I feel very lucky to have got a job in one of the most
challenging times in education. The final count down is coming and I am feeling
ready to qualify but also apprehensive about what the final weeks will hold. When
I look back at everything achieved by not only myself but all the trainees over the
past nine months, I know that the sleepless nights and weekends working are all
starting to pay off.

Eve Conway, Trainee Music Teacher